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100% Inappropriate.

11 August 2008

Added a new post to the Convey page tonight: the Top 10 things I learned from wikitravel about Vietnam.  Here’s one that probably wasn’t appropriate to share on the official trip blog, but I can’t keep this to myself…

Depending on the present level of SARS, avian flu you may be subjected to a so-called health-check. There is no examination, though, but yet another form to fill in and, of course, another fee. If you can get hold of a handful of dong it is only 2000 dong per person.”   

[oh, i guess i should tell you that “dong” is the currency of Vietnam. You gathered that, right?  The one thing wikitravel DIDN’T tell me was how exactly to “get hold of a handful of dong.”  Guess I’ll have to figure that out for myself…]

Oh, folks. 

Of course I am most excited about this trip because of
and art-as-service
and working with kids
and making new friends
and seeing new places
and food and photos
and new writing material
and all of that, but I can’t act like a tiny percentage of me isn’t pretty excited to have such middle-school comedy gold at my fingertips.

I think my favorite, so far, goes a little something like this:

Two Vietnamese friends are at the market.  One reaches for his wallet, and realizes it isn’t there. 
Friend 1:  Dude, where’s your dong?
Friend 2:  Oh crap! I left it in my other pants!

*and scene*

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