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At ease, soldier

29 August 2008

35 minutes
Impressive, considering last night’s baseball food:
chetzel dog (cheese. pretzel. hot dog.)
big ol’ overpriced bud light
half a bag of kettle corn
ice cream filled souvenir red sox hat (with reese’s pieces)
part of a beer float (no root)

Still I took myself out, knowing a morning run would be a good way to start a busy Friday. I learned the special lesson that if I do run at 7:00, and end up near campus, I should be prepared to run into the entire Drury cross country team during morning practice.

Oh, the cross country team, with their tiny shorts and tinier body fat percentage…all I could think was “don’t look at me. don’t listen to me. oh god how bulgy to do I look compared to these kids. please don’t recognize me.” One of them, a former Wallace Hall resident, waved over his shoulder as he passed, and I wheezed “hey” in his direction.


I wonder if they look at me as a plain-clothes running civilian, or find it “cute” that I’m out giving the ol’ college try, struggling to make 30 minutes today with my junkfood-hangover, while they’ve probably been running since 6:00 a.m. at twice my pace.

When I was about 5 minutes from home it started raining, so I sped up a little, hoping the all going-to-work traffic wouldn’t notice me either. Though who knows, maybe I seem athletic by comparison, out there running in the rain, with my tank top and honest-to-god running shorts (this is still a big milestone) and running shoes (which I mostly bought because they were purple).

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