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the true meaning of success

30 August 2008

I don’t think I acknowledge enough how lucky I am to get to do what I do. Most every weekend I get to do something I spent a long time working and wishing for. I have moments when I realize how cool it is to be onstage [oh yeah, wow. I’m doing this.], and occasionally I get the feeling high school boys are into me [hey, I’ll take the self-esteem boost.], and how humbling it is when people come through the line and had a great time [they like me. they really like me.].

Ok gross. I’m making myself want to barf. I’ll stop.

The point is, tonight we got the endorsement of a lifetime. It happened like this.

Excited Audience Lady: “I wish I could see you guys again! But we’re not from around here. We came into town for the mule show, and you guys were WAY BETTER than the mule show.”

You heard it here folks. Skinny Improv, better than the mule show since 2008.

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  1. BlackOutGuy permalink
    1 September 2008 9:44 am

    i say this and then it took me like 10 min, but i realized that who was writing this. Its always good to know we are better than the mule show.

  2. 2 September 2008 10:31 am

    thats the funniest thing i’ve heard all day. it is only 931 here, but it gave me a good chuckle…


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