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holy jet lag, batman

24 September 2008

[Warning: the combination of coming back from an international service trip and lack of sleep has left me introspective the last couple of days. Please forgive the blogginess of this blog post.]

Pretty sure I’d like very soon to return to making the blog about RUNNING. It’s about time. Big Race #2 is 72 short days away…
First run back: 15 mins last night
all Ratatat. A new favorite discovery. [Also, difficult to type when tired.]

It’s nice to be back in Springfield, after a trip that felt so much longer than 2 weeks. Though I realized at the start of my run that my body might be back, but my brain is still somewhere else.

–fresh fruit in the morning or sipping Vietnamese coffee at night
–laughing hysterically at ridiculousness with new friends in a van
–encountering everyday stories of people whose lives are so different from my own, yet in some ways not that different at all
–something new, breathtaking, angering, exciting, inspiring every day

Strange to think that life, as i got used to it, is still going on 7000 miles away.

I also know that life as usual was going on here for everyone i know while i was away.
–tina fey was on snl and won multiple emmys. (god i love her)
–the economy took a downturn, campaigns continued, and daily show was there for it all. thanks, hulu.
–work was going on, Glass Menagerie opened, people came to shows
life went on.

the point is, i realized while running, that i have revisited a dilemma i’ve faced at different points my whole life:
How do I hold all the hugeness of reality and the smallness of my one little life in my heart and mind at the same time? How to balance a desire to fix all the world’s problems, and make a creative impact, and have meaningful relationships, all within the 24 hours I get every day.

Hm. I think I should take a lesson away from kung fu panda (one of 3 movies I watched on our transpacific flight…thanks United!): there’s no real secret ingredient besides just being WHO i am, WHERE i am.

And on an entirely different note, I revisited some past Facebook notes today…and 2 years ago I saw my first movie by myself as part of USA Week (Unmarried Single Americans Week. yup, it’s a thing. check it out.) At the time it was a huge milestone. Now I couldn’t tell you how many movies I’ve seen solo, and have been just fine thankyouverymuch.
Well as luck would have it, we’re right smack dab in the middle of USA WEEK 2008!
So, single and unsingle readers alike, I invite you to celebrate the singleness and single people in your life. Maybe fret a little less about not having a special someone. (isn’t it nice sometimes to not have a special someone?)
It’s taken me a long, long time to feel that way…not that I’d turn a special someone down…if he showed up with godiva and curb your enthusiasm dvds and made me dinner and liked jenksie cat and gave good hugs and understood my jokes.
[I don’t ask for much.]
But where was I…oh yeah. celebrating singleness.

I think I have a date with Rushmore. Thanks, Netflix. What more could a girl ask for?

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  1. 4 October 2008 5:06 pm

    i love ratatat… i found this when todd ane were slumberbuddies…


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