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Oh, so this blog is still about running, too?

18 October 2008

7 weeks until the big race. (holy crap.)


I wanna dance with somebody—Whitney Houston
Chasing Pavements—Adele
Set it Off—Girl Talk
I get a Kick Out of You—Frank Sinatra
You’re just to good to be true—Lauryn Hill
You’re All I have—Snow Patrol
All of your Love—Hellogoodbye
everything I can’t have—Robin Thicke
Don’t Ask Me—OkGo
Desperate Guys—The Faint

So…fall got here, huh? I was already aware the last couple of mornings in my drafty old apartment (which I love. But…brrrr).
There’s something about running on a cold fall morning when the sun’s behind the clouds and the wind is calm.
Oh and wearing layers!
Oh and the chai tea I can sip when I’m done!
Oh and the Starbucks Halloween mug from which I sip!

The moment you stop running on a day like this, and especially if you haven’t been running regularly for a while, oh man! it’s one of the best feelings.
Every square inch of you is alive, and blood is pumping so much your teeth vibrate a little.
There are really few feelings that good…at least that you can get for free, outside, by yourself. (Fresh-Prince-voice-moment-of-the-post: knowadamsayin’?)

I miss it.
Running, I miss you. Let’s be friends again.

So…what a difference a year can make. I ran up to Drury again today. I really love running on the Benton bridge. Sometimes it smells like BBQ sauce. Or if the light is just right my shadow looks cool. (Moving shadow on chain link fence looks really hardcore.) And I think I just like the familiarity.

But things change. Today for the first time I noticed Bob Barker Boulevard. I crossed paths with a Student Union Board diathlon event (I swear not on purpose…hey creepy old advisor, LIVE IN THE NOW!) and I saw my old coach from last year. Kevin, who helped me train and advised my blister treatment, made fun of my insecurities, etc., isn’t in my life anymore. In a year you can go from close coworkers to strangers…
And now I’m training alone. Hm. That very well could be why I haven’t been doing so well. Hate to admit it…but…I might need help.

There is something about having a motivator, someone to keep you accountable, to give you advice. A community, even if it’s just two people, can be very helpful when you’re tackling something big and new. This is kind of tough for perfectionist-independent-me to admit.

It makes me think. A friend (who’s a fan of the blog. whatwhat!) and I have been talking about starting a writing-group-accountability-thing of some sort, and I think it makes a lot of sense.
I’m territorial with my creativity. It can be messy, a little rough, and terribly self-conscious at first. (ha. same reasons I prefer to run alone.)
But I also allow myself too many excuses. I need someone(s) to kick my butt into doing something with all the ideas that are sitting in random computer files or purse journals or sticky notes.

It’ll be tough at first. I might get some blisters. But man once you get started…it feels GOOD.

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  1. habitgirl permalink
    19 October 2008 6:19 pm

    Just got home from a weekend away with the DU bunch, and wanted to say – I READ THIS. Let the mutual butt kicking commence!

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