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18 October 2008

Ok so I know my long, wordy posts exhaust you.

I apologize.  But not really.  I write. I like words.  It’s what I do.  

But I’ll give you a quick break.  

LOVE me some Otis Redding these days.  Before I went to Nam I asked my dad and brother for 70s tunes.  Dad (cooler than I’d expect from him.  good work.) had The Ultimate Otis Redding.  Not quite Vietnam movie soundtrack material, but I took it anyway.  

And can’t get enough.  I feel like I should be slow dancing and there should be a jukebox and a dark room and probably a disco ball.  Ok I have really cheesy fantasies, leave me alone…

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  1. hkb permalink
    19 October 2008 10:30 am

    I heart Otis Redding, too. Need I remind you he was our “wedding song” artist?

    Sittin’ on the dock of the baaaaayyyy…..

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