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October Sundays Make Me Smile

19 October 2008

A FULL day all to myself! And I’m starting it by getting back to good habits.
ran 35 full minutes
If You Want Me—Once Soundtrack
Closer to Mercury—Wheat
All These Things That I’ve Done—The Killers
Your Red Right Ankle—Decemberists
Move Shake Drop—Dj Laz
These Arms of Mine—Otis Redding
Someone to Love—Fountains of Wayne
Arc of time—Bright Eyes
The Best is Yet to Come—Frank Sinatra
Billy Jean—Michael Jackson
To be Alone With You—Sufjan Stevens

Before I even started running this morning, I saw this cute older couple strolling, looking like some kind of walking JCrew ad, complete with plaid shirts and sweaters over shoulders. I imagine they are on their way to grab a sunday paper. And some cider. And sit on a porch.

I know I often turn running into a metaphor, don’t I? For writing, for life, for love…all the things that are often on my mind. Today in particular I’m facing a big decision or two, so while I’m running I’m thinking.
Running teaches me it’s important to keep going, even when things are challenging. Hard work pays off eventually, even if you end up sore and tired sometimes along the way.
Then again, running also teaches me there’s something good about changing course. You never know what you’ll discover down a new street. Choosing to run at all is a new challenge each time.
So…running as a metaphor doesn’t answer all of life’s big questions.
Best to enjoy it for what it is.
Hm. does everything always have to mean something?

Enough of that…let’s celebrate. I ran 35 minutes today! Wanted to stop at 10, struggled to get to 30. But I did it.
OH! the pounding in my teeth. The soreness in the legs. The panting for clean, fall air. The best.

So tomorrow, October 20, is the anniversary of when I went skydiving.
A year has gone by. Unbelievable.
I feel it’s a milestone I need to celebrate. Defy some cliches. Leap.
But…that’s a lot to ask of a Monday.

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