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this is why i’m hot

24 October 2008

30 minutes
Radiolab: Sperm Tales—yup, it’s about that. a short preview of an episode from next season. love love love this podcast.
re: Stacks—Bon Iver
The Clock—Thom Yorke
This is Why I’m Hot—mims
Wreck of the Day—Anna Nalick
Nice and Easy—Frank Sinatra
I’ll Take It from Here—Justin Timberlake [oh JT, even though some of your metaphors don’t make sense, I will always love you]
The Best is Yet to Come—Michael Buble

I’d forgotten how great an early morning fall run feels. I feel sorry for myself for missing out on so many in the last few weeks. No wonder I’ve been grumpy.

Well no more! I made myself get out there this morning, even though I was tired and even though it was cold. [it was COLD y’all] but see, that’s what makes it so good. Running makes you warmer. The cold air is easier to breathe. Any lethargic morning drowsiness is completely gone by the time I’m done. SO you see, the factors that make running on a cold fall morning seem impossible, actually make it so fulfilling. [or, as i just spelled it, fulfilfilling. cold fingers can’t type.]

So bring on the impossible, Friday!  I got this.

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