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girl you so maja, they should front page ya

26 October 2008

40 minutes!
I Wanna Dance with Somebody—Whitney Houston
If You Want Me—Once Soundtrack
Flume—Bon Iver
Jerk It Out—Caesars
No Strings Attached—NSync
Let’s Get it On—Al Green
You Make Me Better—Fabolous
For Reasons Unknown—Killers
A-Punk—Vampire Weekend
Many Shades of Black—Raconteurs
Soul Meets Body—Deathcab
You are Invited—Dismemberment Plan

You can cover a lot of ground in midtown Springfield in 40 minutes. I’m fairly confident that in another week I’ll be back up to an hour, which puts me in great shape toward being in great shape by December 6.

Just checked countdown widget, and what do you know, I have 40 days until the Big Race.

It’s a sign. A sign that I am all too willing to believe in signs. If I took other signs from this run, I would start to believe that something about me is particularly attractive to sketchy north-side drivers…

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