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No longer 21

27 October 2008

So…I’m old.
This isn’t really a surprise confession to those who know me well, but I was reminded yesterday when I made a quick stop at the mall. I haven’t gone shopping in weeks (huge), so I let myself take a detour into Forever21 for one of my favorite pastimes: browsing for cute things I don’t need.

I realize that by going into this store I’m just asking for self-esteem trouble. It is, after all, named after an age I passed a few years ago, and is obviously marketed to high school girls who can still eat whatever they want and wear whatever they want afterwards.

Here’s some things I overheard from excited groups of shopping friends:
“ok let’s pick out cute stuff and try it on for each other!”
“ohmygod i’m going to love this vest, i can already tell!”
“if i get a necklace, i wear it all the time. Then everyone’s like, you wear that all the time!

I don’t mean to be judgmental toward these girls, because I still enjoy shopping. And I still say dorky things that don’t make sense. But I am definitely no longer in high school.

…and I’m old.

Reason #2: yesterday I also went to the Friends of the Library book sale (aka the most wonderful time of the year…) for the second time this week. Can’t resist $1 bag day. Went with my friend Amanda, favorite shopping trip companion, and as we parted ways she asked what i was doing the rest of the day. I mentioned i needed to go to walmart. She said she did too. But we realized we really didn’t need to go together. Once upon a time (oh, around freshman year) going to walmart together on a Sunday was super fun. Now…it’s just another task to mark off our list.

Um…still another reason I will soon start drawing social security: love me some Raphael Saadiq nouveau-doowop. Give it a listen and see if you aren’t a big fan. Was totally born in the wrong decade.

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  1. 28 October 2008 11:06 am

    okay… two comments in one day.. DORK! But really, Jeff is obsessed with Raphael Saadiq as well. Good stuff.

  2. Amanda permalink
    29 October 2008 9:56 am

    I like when I make a cameo appearance in your blog. :)

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