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21 November 2008

oh, it was an hour of stuff on my iPod. I’m bored with it. Raconteurs blabla Cold War Kids bleeblee Justin Timberlake?! what are you still doing here? etc.

It’s that time of year again…
the time when it’s so cold outside…
and it gets dark so early…
i’m so busy and overwhelmed with work, class, and holiday cheer; life decisions, social plans, and nestling all snug in my bed…

There are too many good excuses for not running. The good news is, as I’m rereading my posts from November 2007, I had the same excuses last year, and I overcame them. My running peaked in October, fell off a little in November as the temperature dropped, then picked back up after (ohgoditwasSOcoldandsomanydudesworetinytighttights) The Turkey Trot. It’s also fun just to relive what I was feeling then, so nervous and so excited for Big Race #1.

I think running and I have settled into a long-term relationship. At times it’s still really exciting, other times I get a little bored, but mostly I know I can depend on it to make me feel better.
And you just can’t beat it for feeling ALIVE. I’ve been done for at least 30 minutes, and my skin still feels like it’s been in the crisper. Such a strange feeling. I’m warm, because I’m inside and wearing layers, but I’m still cold at the same time. Skin is neat! Biology!
Oh and get this! I’m so hard core, my ankle was bleeding and I didn’t even notice. yeah, I know.
how DOES she do it?!

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  1. 21 November 2008 11:39 pm

    One of the best things about your blog is that I read it in what I imagine to be my best impression of you – and it sounds exactly like how you talk.

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