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unseasonably warm

9 January 2009

60 degrees in January?!
A girl has no choice but to go running, out-of-practice or no, and so run I did. For 15 measly minutes. But it felt so GOOOOOD.

and it got me thinking…the ol’ blog’s been a bit of a downer for a while here. apologies, readers. All is not dark and dreary. To make up for it, some happy things:

starbucks knitted mugs my brother got me for christmas. love love love.







my new favorite hulu obsession:









I also ran after work Tuesday night; it was 30-something outside but still pleasant for a run in the dark. I didn’t go much longer than today, but it was still long enough to have a blog-able moment:

There’s a sidewalk in front of the Hardee’s near my house, and for months now it’s been under construction. Torn up, surrounded by caution tape, disrupting my route.

Tuesday night I found myself running on smooth, clean concrete. No more gaping holes, no more detours. Just a sidewalk. Back to what it should be.
Even for an old lover of symbolism like myself, this one’s a bit too easy.

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  1. kappolito permalink
    9 January 2009 6:29 pm

    Oh i wish i was there. Here in Sweden it’s just the opposite. it’s like 12C degrees below here. So lucky you!

  2. Amanda permalink
    12 January 2009 10:42 am

    Oooo, LOVE It’s Always Sunny!!!

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