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phoenix and ashes, y’all

11 February 2009

February 11. A rainy Wednesday. A nondescript day.
New Year’s Day was 42 days ago.
The inauguration was 22 days ago.

I highlight both of those days as relatively recent milestones of goal-setting.
…New Year’s Resolutions: I had a handful in mind, but made no real plans, aside from a general get-betterness.
…And with all the talk of Obama’s First 100 Days, I imagined what it would be like to try to make radical changes in my own life in 100 days…which would put me in April.
Working out! Writing! Sending letters! Tackling my book list! Trimming my to-do list!

And now the year is 42 days old. And we’re 22 days away from Aretha Franklin’s fabulous hat.

I will survive.

I will survive.

And where am I?
I just reread my latest journal file (yes, i journal via computer, like Doogie Howser), started a month ago, and found this little nugget from Feb 1.

I decided TODAY (nondescript, rainy, February 11) is as good a day as any to try again.
I will write more. It’s as simple as that.

I did register for the Chicago Marathon this morning.
Not because I feel like I can do it now.
But I believe that in 8 months a lot can change.
(I hope to GOD that in 8 months a lot will change.)
8 months ago was June. Yeah, a lot has changed.

I saved a copy of the waiver, and plan to read it eventually.
I clicked “yes” to sharing my story on the marathon website.
I will get the first-time-marathoner e-newsletter.
And on October 12 I will run 26 miles.

Will I be smiling and shiny and muscular like folks in the inspirational photos on the website? Will I understand more running jargon and actually enjoy energy gel packets?
Time will tell.

I’m excited imagining Chicago. Imagining a cheering section going with me. Imagining adding “Ran a Marathon” to my interesting-things list.

Really stepping out in faith. Because right now I don’t feel like I could successfully:
run a meeting…
get a run in my pantyhose…
run a glass of water…
(trying to write jokes. failing.)

Phoenix and ashes, y’all. Phoenix and ashes.

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  1. Whit permalink
    11 February 2009 9:50 pm

    I’m glad you posted. Congrats on moving forward.

  2. 11 February 2009 10:29 pm

    If you are shiny – that means you are full of mystery. Or so says the whiteboard at The Skinny. Last time I checked that was Houghton’s territory, so you better make sure that it is okay that you do that.

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