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April, Fools!

1 April 2009

Wow, March sure came in like a _____ and went out like a _____, didn’t it? Oh yeah, that’s right, you’d have NO IDEA. Because I blogged once all month.


Good thing it’s April now, and I can get back to business.

Spring is here. The wind has picked up, the grass is green, the birdies are twittering in the trees…and for that matter, so am I! Check out the new twitter widget. ———>
Props to wordpress for being cool.
That’s right, I’m on the twitter bandwagon, though I’ll admit I still don’t get it sometimes. I REALLY don’t get how twitter has gained such notoriety in the mainstream media.

The other day I saw Diane Sawyer—yes, Forbes most 100 powerful women Diane Sawyer. 20/20 international investigations Diane Sawyer. Married to the famous director Diane Sawyer—talking about twitter on Good Morning America. Wonder how she feels about that.
I also wonder how she feels about the ad for GMA I saw, which swear to god, said something like:
…and Diane Sawyer, is there, like, anything she won’t do to get a story?
with that trendy crazy-angled text following the voice onscreen.

Dear serious news outlets:
Twittering is fine, I suppose, because you want to be a part of social media and reach all the young folks. But when you start saying “like” you’ve gone too far.
I don’t want my news anchors to shop at Forever21 and talk like Juno. I realize it’s silly when I do either of those things. Please, be smarter than us. It’s your job.

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