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189 Days

4 April 2009

189 days.
Appropriate time for a running update, as I’m in need of about a 189 degree turn in my fitness before October 11 gets here.

The return of the iMix:
Here’s The Thing—Girl Talk
Knights—Minus The Bear
To be with you—-Mr. Big
End Of the Road—-Boyz II Men
I’ll Follow you into the dark—Deathcab
Lover You should’ve come over—-Jeff Buckley
Um…I like to run to sad, sad songs. What?

So…I’m in terrible, terrible shape. I said this to myself more than once when I literally had to stop running, walk a little and pant.
This was not a good run.
It was one of those runs where I had high expectations. I sprinted out my front door and didn’t even bother to warm up walk first (problem #1 it turns out), checked my watch, and then told myself I wouldn’t look again until 30 minutes later. (This is a good game I like to play…when I’m about two-weeks better trained, that is.)
About 10 minutes after that, I’m thinking:

Why do I even like running?
This SUCKS. I suck. Whose idea was it to sign up for four hours of this crap?! GAAAAAAAAAAA.

About that time, as the Kan-yizzle is blaring in my ears and doing his best to motivate my sorry ass, this car drives by, dude with dreadlocks, full-out of his window, yelling something about my booty no doubt, and I remember, “oh yeah, that’s why.”
I mean, it’s at least part of it. Random drive-by check-outs by strangers. I’ll take it.
It’s more the feeling that I can get, with or without the ogling: the feeling of power and strength and adrenaline and awesomeness.
That’s what’s good.

So it’s windy today. (That was problem #2.) But I suppose there’s no better practice for running a marathon in CHICAGO.
Friggen’ windy city. Um, that didn’t cross my mind when my brilliant plan hatched in December, p.s.
Last weekend I was Panera-ing with friends (yes. It’s a verb too.) and one of them asked how my training’s going…
Stopping short of saying “what training?!” I said something about being excited…200 days left…etc.
Then another one’s like “Chicago. Wind.” (I’m paraphrasing. Fear has erased my memory of the actual incident.)

I hadn’t thought about wind. Damn it!

But then another reminds me of how hungry I get after a race. (Seriously, after this year’s half, I filled up completely on Happy Mexican for lunch, complete with chips and margaritas and was ready for Memphis BBQ, oh, five minutes later.)
So after a FULL marathon, who knows the amount I’ll be able to consume. Sweet sweet post-run gorging…and best of all, she reminded me of

worth running four hours for

worth running four hours for

I hadn’t thought about pizza. Bitchin!

So that’s a good reminder now, in these first few weeks when training isn’t much fun.
And good advice for life in general.
Things may get a little windy, but if you stick with it, you get pizza when it’s over.

I’m makin’ tshirts.

{now see, THIS I’ve missed maybe most of all. The post-run writing inspiration feeling. Yet another reason to stick with it. so stick around, dear readers. SJ is back on the wagon.}

4 Comments leave one →
  1. 5 April 2009 2:09 pm

    My cardio fitness is lacking, too. I’m awesome at pushups, but I don’t think I could run more than two miles right now.

    I keep telling myself that once tax season is over that will change.

    Hopefully I am not just fooling myself.

  2. kris permalink
    5 April 2009 3:13 pm

    I’ll gladly run TO Chicago for some Giordano’s.

  3. jennie permalink
    6 April 2009 7:45 pm

    eeeeee!!! i LOVE it!! i’ve missed sj-blogging, but not it’s back!!! yaaaaaaaay!!

    ps- you are WELCOME for the pizza reminder. wish i could eat some with you.

  4. jennie permalink
    6 April 2009 7:46 pm

    i meant NOW it’s back. my fingers spazzed.

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