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185 Days

8 April 2009

Runnin 185 days

100 Yard Dash—Raphael Saadiq
Everything I am—Kanye
A Crippling Blow—The Killers
The Man in Me—Bob Dylan
I’m Every Woman—Chaka Kahn
Fake Empire—The National
Everything I can’t have—Robin Thicke
Keep the car running—Arcade Fire
Hey ya—Outkast
Great Dane–Mates of State
Sock it to me—Missy Elliott
Closer to Mercury–Wheat
Toxic Remix—Mark Ronson

30 minutes.
With some walking thrown in.
It’s funny to be going through these early days AGAIN. Once I’m up to 60+ minutes, I find it hard to remember the days when 10 minutes was a struggle. When it literally hurts to breathe, and I feel like I’m going to barf/pass out/never walk again.

Springtime is good: green grass and blue sky and those pretty white trees that smell like fish sticks. Sunshine.

Passing cars and other runners with earbuds. We smile and nod to each other. I wonder what they’re training for. I wonder if they know how hard-core I’m going to be again, any day now.

A couple of months ago I went to the doctor and got officially weighed on the doctory scale. A hundred and saywhat pounds.

It’s not that *cough* is a bad number. *Coughcough* is a number I’m sure many would be just fine with. It’s just not a number I imagined myself reaching…if you would’ve told me in high school the scale would ever reach that number, i would’ve laughed out loud, then sheepishly looked around to make sure i hadn’t offended anyone.

High school. Man, that was almost 7 years ago, and 25 pounds ago…
Where does 25 pounds come from? Well, in high school they made me take P.E. and I didn’t drink. That’s part of it.
I have to be honest and admit that running isn’t just about feeling good and accomplishing goals. It’s also about looking better in shorts, and swimwear, which––let’s be honest—I haven’t felt fully comfortable in since I was in elementary school. And probably not even then.
I take that back an eensie bit. I felt pretty good senior year spring break cruise, and I’d earned it. I was so obsessive about calories then, I counted m&ms.
Ha. Now I count handfuls.
That’s where 25 pounds comes from.

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  1. Amanda permalink
    14 April 2009 9:43 am

    I’ve decided to stop drinking soda. After I finish the two cases that are in my fridge… I think that might be the cure to the little inner tube around my middle.

  2. 14 April 2009 8:53 pm

    you have a rocking body. I don’t know what you talking about girl.

    Beyonce writes songs about awesome bootys like yours.

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