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174 days

19 April 2009

Reminder: life is still full of good surprises.

Running past Hammons Field this afternoon, and I’m startled by an honest-to-god Canada Goose, about two feet away from me, noshing on sidewalk grass. All by himself. Startling and hilarious. The during-run-laugh is one of the best feelings, and probably one of the most dangerous, where oxygen-supply is concerned.

So I’m starting to think about the marathon (The Marathon) in more specific terms, like I am going to be running it eventually. 174 days isn’t that long. So I’m ready to search for reading material. (says the HUGE dork. wow.) Seriously though, I know i have a lot to learn, and pre-half-marathon research was a necessity re: proper way to wrap an ankle, epsom salt usage for soreness, pre-race carb-loading.
And now I’m faced with all new questions re: skin preparation (blisters? chafing? good god i hope i don’t have to worry about that), food during the race, and perhaps most important of all, what about going to the bathroom???
I’ve never had to stop during a race at one of the “stations” but I have to wonder if 4 hours of running and re-hydration won’t lead to the inevitable.
Much to ponder.

But at least I’m starting to hit a stride again. (can one hit “a” stride, ps? or is it only “my” stride. hrm…something else to research.) This was the first run that felt GOOD. i don’t even know how long it was because i forgot my watch, but it gives me hope that i still got it.

I better still got it…I only got 174 days…

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  1. 19 April 2009 11:03 pm

    You’re a rockstar.

    If you can write about going to the bathroom in your blog without making it gross – you can run a silly little marathon. You’re practically trained already.

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