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21 April 2009


Oh the power of technology!

Here’s a little slice of yesterday. (An emotional day to say the least, but I’ll focus on the positive slice this time. I know a blog is the place to air all one’s troubles, but I promised fewer downers. Prepare to be upped.)
So technology. Yesterday I just happened to be on facebook, and just happened to see on my “publisher” page a friend’s status update:

had dinner last night with co-founder Jessica Jackley Flannery. You should see her speak tonight at MSU, she’s an amazing person with one of the most amazing jobs in the world.

Jessica Flannery! I nearly leapt with joy. It was just about a year ago that I got to see her speak at Drury (and by chance got to chat with her in the bathroom afterwards. both times inspiring.) This lady is pretty much the Tina Fey of social entrepreneurs, in that I both want to befriend her and be just like her.

So think about it: random facebook update lets me get to see a personal hero speak.
“Oh technology!” moment #1.

Now for “oh technology!” moment #2.
If you don’t know, you should. Go hang out there a while and then come back.

It’s awesome, right? It’s all about individuals helping individuals through microfinance loans, and the power of stories to connect people across the world. A website that has grown from $3K, financing just 7 loans, to $70 million in 3.5 years.
Oh technology!!
Seriously, go to the website for more deets, as they can explain it better than I can, and I’d rather just gush about how inspiring Jessica Flannery is and how empowered I feel after hearing her speak.

We all NEED every day, and we all have something to GIVE every day.
The world needs a lot of work done. Find out what’s stopping you, and get STARTED.

You can tell she’s genuinely passionate about her work, and excited that she gets to do her dream every day. She believes in the power of stories to change the world, in the good of individuals to make a difference, and in the possibility of taking a leap to try something good.

MMMM Good stuff!

And it’s amazing, isn’t it? thanks to this website, and the generosity of strangers,
a taxi driver in Bulgaria
a butcher in Afghanistan
vegetable growers in Kenya
(And not just “someone like…” but SOMEONE.)
can all thrive and grow and give back.
and the world is bigger and smaller all at once.

I love it. Can you tell?

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