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23 April 2009

Hey Earth. Hope you had a good Day.

So yesterday was Earth Day. I celebrated by making an infomercial in the great outdoors (yup. watch for PaintZoom coming to a late night TV near you), then eating Andy’s with a pal in Phelps Grove Park (yum!), then watching American Idol and celebrating Matt’s not-leaving-yet (because I luv him AND the earth. see?).

Go earth.

the earth gives us beaches. that's nice.

the earth gives us beaches. that's nice.

But seriously, I’ve been trying to live a more green lifestyle for a while now. I try to eat vegetarian when I get the chance, I’ve become fairly militant about recycling: digging plastic bottles out of the trash at the Skinny, picking random trash up on the way back from running (gross), and even getting my parents to recycle as well. *success*

I’m also–thanks to a couple things called “the economy” and “I make less now”–learning to take a closer look at my habits of consumption. Everything from reusable shopping bags to food choices to buying less and being okay with that. (that’s a big step for me, truly.)

I know that my life has meaning beyond what I can buy, but I’ve really learned the last few months that it is okay to say “no” to things I want, and evaluate what I really need. whereas me-last-year was kind of a big spender…sometimes that part of me misses a day of shop-bingeing at the mall…

One of my favorite films at the True/False film festival was No Impact Man, following the life of writer Colin Beavan, along with his wife and small daughter in NYC, as they perform a year-long experiment of living a life that creates NO impact on the earth.

This affects everything. They eat locally grown food. They bike to work. They learn to live without electricity. They don’t use toilet paper. They try to live at the extreme end of the consumption scale, to prove that all of us can make big and small changes in the impact we create.

The movie was awesome. If you get a chance to see it, do. It’s surprisingly non-preachy, showing instead the real life struggle of a family trying to LIVE and LIVE WELL. It’s funny and inspiring and relatable.

Colin’s blog is full of insights into a green life. Check it out, and have a little earth day every day.

(PS: Sad to note that i STILL can’t find that “recycle, reduce, reuse…close the loop!” commercial from childhood anywhere online. drat!)

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  1. Amanda permalink
    24 April 2009 10:10 am

    Oh how I loved No Impact Man! I look at his blog sometimes too. He also wrote a book about it which is on my miles-long “to read” list.

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