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169 Days

24 April 2009
Nike Run Clock

rise and shine

You are the blood—sufjan stevens
Supply and Demand—Amos Lee
(Oh, one of their many awesome songs) –Girl Talk
100 Yard Dash—Raphael Saadiq
To be with you—Mr Big
Just because I’m losin—Coldplay (new favorite runnin song)
Are we human—the killers

Morning runs! Third best way to start the day behind Raisin Bran Crunch and Gailey’s Sweet Browns.

Sun is out, the neighborhood is bustling, folks are driving with their windows down, and bloomed-out trees are swaying in the wind.
Can you tell a morning run puts me in a better mood?

And I can tell I’m almost there (where’s there, you ask?) well, THERE is the place where I can go for a long run without a chance of walking.
I got closer today, even tackling a couple of monster hills and going my longest non-walk stretch in a while.

Speaking of stretching…that’s another thing I need to commit to more as the runs get longer. It can be easy to skip when I’m tired, but I always regret it the next day. In fact, stretching well this year saved me from the week of post-race stiffness I experienced in 07. I’m a believer.

In other news: OH man I’m SO sweaty. It’s just, I’m gross looking. There’s no way people in running ads aren’t airbrushed. No frizz, no sweat, no red-faced-ness. I don’t buy it.

Running is gross, folks. Let’s not try to deny it.
Then again, if I saw someone lookin like I do right now in a Nike ad, I’d think twice about their shoes.
(Has she showered in the past 30 days? Was she hit by a bus? Mauled by squirrels?)

And I seriously think I have a glandular condition, because I’m STILL sweating, AFTER a SHOWER. Eeeeew.

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