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167 Days

26 April 2009

167 days until the Chicago Marathon, that is. It occurred to me that i might should remind y’all of that every once in a while…

Billy Liar—Decemberists
My Only Offer—Mates of State
Chasing Pavements—Adele
Revelation—The Frames
I’m on a Boat!—Incredibad (yeeeeeeees!)
Rebellion—Arcade Fire
Part Time Lover—(American Idol Hopeful) Matt Giraud (oh you’d better believe it!)
The Distance—Cake
Poison—Bel Biv Devoe

I knew it wouldn’t take long for me to remember why I run.
It just feels so good. I know I say that a lot, but the feeling never gets old.
When I was done, I stopped on the front porch of my house (I really do love my place) and sat on the ledge, under the magnolia tree, and took some deep breaths, feeling the tingliness of energy in my legs.

I couldn’t really sleep this morning (a positive symptom of getting better. Up at 6:30?! Who IS this person?), so I decided to take an early morning run, and man if it isn’t my new favorite thing to do. The sun is up but not hot, birdies are chirping, the air is cool but not gusty, traffic is sparse, as are the creepers…

Except one creeper still managed to find me.
Guy leans out of his huge old car, flashing a butter-toothed smile, after he’s already passed once and turned around.
Keep in mind, I’d already been out 30 minutes at that point.
Keep in mind, he has a mullet.
I’m sorry dude, but if it seemed in any way as though I was checking out your Lincoln Towncar, this was an error.
I laughed and shuttered a little, saying to myself, No. noooooo. No. Nope. No ….No.

And now I’m chillin’ watching CBS Sunday Morning. OH! What a perfect day already, and it’s not even 9:00 a.m.

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