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164 days

29 April 2009

Random running thoughts.
When you’re out for an hour, your mind has time to drift.

1) Running with hazy morning sun at my back makes me feel a little like a superhero.

2) Last night I drifted off to sleep reading The Beginner’s Guide to Long Distance Running. That’s right, the quest for knowledge has begun, and with it the paralyzing fear. take this passage for example:

“Hold yourself back, especially in the early miles. Only if you get to mile 20 feeling great should you consider speeding up.”

What the what?! 20 miles… no, this number isn’t a surprise, but it’s hard to imagine in concrete terms. Like when people say the universe is infinite. Or when you ask an owl to eat a tootsie pop.

3) On my way home there’s a house/business whose sign boasts: investments, exotic animal sanctuary, and a notary public. an interesting combination. (and let’s not talk about when I thought it was “note of republic”.)

4) My elementary school boyfriend has 2 kids. Nothing to do with anything. Just strange, and I happened to think about it and feel old.

5) There was a time when I found Mates of State highly annoying. Now I find them delightful.

6) There’s a patch of grass near the sidewalk on my street with the BIGGEST pile of dog poop i have ever seen. I half suspect one of my neighbors is hiding a horse. And all that expensive horse equipment would explain why they can’t afford plastic baggies.

7) Noticed a flier for “summer spanish lessons” on a telephone pole. Took a closer look, and the teacher’s name is Anna Baños. I know enough Spanish to tell me I wouldn’t be able to take lessons from this lady without giggling.

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  1. 29 April 2009 11:22 pm

    20 miles is pretty much a lot when on foot. Not so much on bike. When on feet I feel pretty neat when I run 3. Ha!

    My highschool friends have kids. It freaks me out.

  2. jennie permalink
    30 April 2009 8:52 am

    i used that long distance running book, too!! loved it!

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