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…and sometimes twice

1 May 2009

163 Days

see the guy in the background? that's a familiar running face...

Yesterday Ryan Reynolds was on Ellen. I haven’t been the biggest fan of his movies, but his interview persona is really clever and endearing. AND he’s a marathon runner!
He’s run one, which he called “a 26-mile cry for help”, which I love.
He said he trained for 4-5 months, which is about how much time I have left.
And he also said he was “literally longing for the sweet release of death” before it was over, which I’m afraid of.

Today was another drizzly morning run. Keep waiting for the day when it feels easy…
I think I probably need to start taking glucosamine again, since my joints are not my biggest fan right now.

And I’m still at that place where I’m a little afraid to start. It seems silly to say, but there’s a little anxiety, and my warm-up walks get longer and longer as a result. I just psych myself out about it, worried I won’t be able to make it very far, and then of course I don’t, thanks to the out-psyching.

I know I need to learn to lighten up a bit on myself. After all, I am out running before 8:00 a.m., and this alone is an accomplishment.

Toward the end of my run, I’m thinking about this fear thing, and how many other ways in life that I get held back by being afraid…and I swear to god, this truck drives by with a HUGE “No Fear” style decal that says “Ain’t Skeered”, and this time I don’t roll my eyes.

So I bet I’m dating myself a bit with a No Fear reference…
And here comes another…

The other day I heard Ja Rule on “old school lunch hour” on the radio.
First of all, what? 2002 is old school? (…oh god. sort of is, isn’t it?)
Second of all, the do not MAKE music like they used to. I will say it out loud. Seriously. You need to revisit “Put it on me” and relive the greatness.
I have very specific memories related to this song:
1) tanning beds before prom, listening to Hot 106.7 (this also makes me old)
2) going to 18-and-up clubs, which no longer exist, with friends who were much more comfortable there than I was…
3) wondering (as I still do) what exactly is “it”? Is “it” what I think “it” is?

*sigh* I am now old enough that my high school music is old-school. I need a little time to accept this.

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