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Once a day in May, y’all!

1 May 2009

Seriously have a brand new nerd crush:  David Wain.

Now I realize many of you may be thinking, who? But hold on.
You, like me, just may have long been a fan without really knowing it.
Stella, anyone? (ok, that might also be comedy-nerd obscure…)
But you have heard of Role Models. I know it.  
And Wet Hot American Summer pretty much defines June 2006 for me. (The bffs working at a camp/ summer romance things. Not the drug use / gay sex in a closet things.)

Now my interest is rekindled after watching The Ten again (instant on Netflix! happy day!) and following him on Twitter.
(btw, follow The Ten link to a trailer on YouTube, where you’ll find the comments are filled with both love and extreme hate. I’ve found that this is how people view WHAS as well. Either love or hate. (or as I’d like to see it, get it or don’t get it. (oh snap!)))
I understand his brand of humor isn’t for everyone, but it’s definitely for me.
For example:
Adam Brody (yes, of The O.C.) is about to skydive out of a plane.
He says something like, “I feel so free! It’s like that line from Titanic.” pause pause pause “I want you to paint me…wearing this, and only this…”

Now see, I can’t even think about and type that line without laughing hysterically. I get that it’s dumb, but that’s the point. Hilarious. love it. love it.
love it.

Found this New York Magazine interview thanks to Twitter:

In one sentence, what do you actually do all day in your job?
Never the same, but often involves some combination of writing, walking, meetings, editing, shooting, laughing, debating, reading, watching, and sitting in coffee shops.

So now it’s my mission to figure out exactly how to do that same thing. (Maybe adding running and watching hulu to the daily routine.) Seriously. Dude gets to make movies and do funny things with his best friends (well, and I can’t exactly complain in that department, but for me it’s on a much smaller scale). Plus, I’ve heard some interviews with him, and he just seems smart and likable…yes, he’s boy-Tina-Fey.

Fine, fine enough gushing.
But seriously. I’m a little giggly over it.


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