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it’s too late for deep thoughts

2 May 2009

I’m only two days into my Once A Day In May challenge, and already I’m tempted to fall off the wagon. It’s almost 1:00 a.m., I have a breakfast birthday party tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. (a good friend, but bad timing), and it’s been a full day…

boo hoo.

So here’s my thought for today. Did an improv show for a high school prom tonight (now there’s an idea. Let’s get kids dressed up for the most important dance of their young lives, then make them sit still for an hour…great idea, teachers!) It wasn’t so bad, but I did notice two things:
1) hot pink is this season’s prom color. legally blonde explosion up in this.
2) my prom was nine years ago. damn folks. nine years.
3) ok, three things. Skinny traveling shows include games that require volunteers. This crowd was not so much into participating. I’m sure it’s a whole lot of not wanting to look uncool on prom night / i’m too cool to have fun / i’d rather sit here / whatever, you suck.
I didn’t empathize with teenager-ish apathy much when I was a teenager, and I certainly don’t now. I was the kid out leading cheesy games during high school assemblies while most everyone else rolled their eyes and hoped the didn’t get called on.

This tendency to sit on the sidelines (and believe me, I can be that way too in other contexts) got me thinking about something i noticed while running the other day.

A little boy and his mom stand in their yard, and another lady (an aunt, I assume) is unloading gifts out of the back seat of her car. She offers the little boy, probably 5 or 6 years old, a smiling and plush pink flower. She waves it in front of him, all smiley and working to transfer her excitement to this kid who is not having it. He just stands there, not impressed, looking embarrassed. Maybe he wants to take the flower, and maybe he doesn’t, but definitely little boys aren’t supposed to like pink, smiling stuffed flower toys, and he knows that.

Later in the same run, I notice a dude on the other side of the street carrying a heavy box. He’s dragging a little, but then I notice that he notices me, and he hoists the box higher, straightens up, and tries to look all strong.

I wonder about how much we do because we feel we are supposed to. Or how much time is wasted worrying about just being who we are.
I see the devil’s advocate position here: isn’t it okay for some kids to not like improv? isn’t it okay for a little boy to not like a more girly toy? maybe the dude’s hoisting had nothing to do with impressing the sweaty girl across the street.
Yes, of course. But I’d rather read more into things.
I dunno…it’s late. maybe i’m not making much sense.

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  1. 3 May 2009 7:17 pm

    Don’t kid yourself, Sarah. That guy was totally lifting that box impressively for you. He probably felt a little un-sweaty and wanted to be on a level playing field with you to get your attention.

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