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horses horses horses horses

7 May 2009

My brother went to the Kentucky Derby last weekend. It’s bizarre when I think about it. I’d love to go myself sometime, and not because I care at all about horse races. My eyes tend to glaze over when it comes to sports anyway, and this one seems even more obscure.
Really, I’m so uninterested that I couldn’t even make it through a few websites trying to find out more about the winner.
I just don’t care.
But I DO care about the event, the spectacle, the tradition of it all. The big hats. The drunk, southern, rich folks. Mint juleps.

AND best of all: Mine That Bird’s heroic win. I love me a good underdog story. I’ll admit I haven’t done my homework (like I said, not all that interested in the details) but I do love the quick synopsis my mom told me. I’ll trust her journalistic integrity.
Point is, according to MOM, Mine That Bird’s owner only paid $9,000 for him, while many horses’ price tags run in the millions. Cool, right? It’s a nice little Seabiscuit-y story, just in time for another Great Depression and nation-in-need-of-a-hero.

Heff and the ladies at the KY Derby.  Its just too easy, folks.

Heff and the ladies at the KY Derby

and now for something unrelated…I’d jotted down “KY Derby” to remind myself to write about this, and I hate to admit it…but this made me giggle.

KY Derby. Is it just me, or does this sound like a game (involving a kiddie pool, no doubt) played at the Girls Next Door family picnic? Just me? Okay, sorry. This post is just going from bad to worse…
Admitted apathy toward subject matter, followed by a ridiculously inappropriate dumb joke. What am I, a seventh grade boy? Gross.

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