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154 Days

9 May 2009

30 minutes!
Revelation—The Frames
Konichiwa Bitches—Robyn
Anne Elephant—SSLYBY
Stay—The Zodiacs
Move, Shake Drop—DJ laz
Mr. Pitiful—Otis Redding
The Party’s Crashing Us—Of Montreal
Higher Ground—Stevie Wonder
Lights out—Santogold

In one day, go from feeling bad-ass to feeling like I have the hips of an octogenarian. ooohahhhpain. But I still managed 30 nonstop minutes bitchaaaas!
Walnut Street smelled SO GOOD. First mysteriously like garlic bread, then burgers from Ebbet’s. Not fair when I’m just starting out.
A good running rhythm feels natural and sort of out-of-body, like i’m moving, but i don’t really have much to do with it. At the same time, it hurts beyond belief, but it’s the kind of pain that can be overcome. (…like childbirth? yeah, I bet.)
Bizarre weather today. Not cold, but a little chilly and cloudy. Only certain places would be little warm spurts, like the warm spot in a pool. Probably has nothing to do with the fact that I peed a lot during this run.
That is completely ridiculous. But I’m not deleting it.

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