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ONCE, upon a Mother’s Day

10 May 2009
Spent a lazy Sunday with the parents. Delightful. Church (where i saw Attorney Aaron Sachs. whatwhat!), mexican food, trip to Walmart, laundry, chillin’, watched ONCE.
ima start playing piano again. its official.

ima start playing piano again. it's official.

I. Love. That. Movie.
I always worry a little that mom and dad won’t “get” indy films, but they surprise me every time. And with this one, they were surprisingly tolerant of the frequent F-bombage. (they’ve grown up a lot, those two.)
About a half-hour in, mom goes, “this IS a moxie movie.” Love it.
Reactions at the end, (um, spoiler alert?)
Dad: “that’s a bummer.”
Mom: “a hauntingly enjoyable movie.”
Eat your heart out, Ebert.

And now, a little Mother’s Day love. A lot of things mom did while we were growing up i just took for granted as normal, but now i realize she made a lot of extra effort to make our childhood special. A few highlights, odd and delightful:

Jewish-ing-up our family Christmas festivities with activities and crafts, always making it clear that we were on the side of Jews for Jesus.

Structured pre-school learning activities. Storytime at the library. Forcing Daniel and me to have “reading time” every day. Singing and stuffed animal dancing before bed.

Annual making of craft angels with my cousins and brother before Christmas, while we decorated Grandma and Grandpa’s tree.

Brownie Bear. This family folklore is too intense to share in a few lines, but let’s just say: few kids grow up with a stuffed animal member of the family, who has his own wardrobe and photo albums. Yeah. Explains a lot, doesn’t it?

Bursting into song in a made up language whenever she was excited.

Vacations. Before I got to high school I’d seen Hawaii, Mount Rushmore, Disneyworld, Yellowstone, and most live Branson shows—at least once. Jealous?
And I have a mean thimble collection, too. Yes. We were the people who bought those collectible thimbles at gift shops.

As anyone who’s been to an improv show with her could tell you, she’s probably the proudest mom of a 25-year-old the world has ever seen. When she thinks I’m funny, she exhibits a kind of unbridled excitement most usually reserved for parents’ reactions to first steps and first-go-in-the-big-girl-potty. I am forever cheered on.

Inspired by a story about him on today’s CBS Sunday Morning, we bought Lionel Richie’s greatest hits at Walmart today, and proceeded to sing snippets for the rest of the shopping trip.  On a good day, we can make a trip to walmart an adventure in hilarity.

luv my mommy.

luv my mommy.

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  1. Amanda permalink
    10 May 2009 10:41 pm

    Wow, you and your mom have the same chin!

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