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Megastore Makeover

13 May 2009

I went with my mom to visit grandma again today, for the second week in a row, and had planned to post about it, but right now I don’t feel like delving into that emotional territory.
Especially not after the anxiety-filled hour that was American Idol tonight. Thank GOD Kris and Adam were safe. Not sure I’ve done the sort of kicking-jumping-with-excitement move that Kris’ safety brought out of me ever before…emotionally drained…over a TV show…someone help me…

But thinking about grandma makes me think about something else I’ve been wanting to blog about for a while.
ha. that’s a really odd segue. But here’s the thing.
Summer days at grandma and grandpa’s house were filled with all sorts of fun and adventure. They lived on a farm with acres of play space, multiple out-buildings housing mysterious gadgets, a shadowy stone basement, an attic complete with be-careful-you’ll-fall-through-that floors. And my grandparents. Two awesome, quirky, loving people, always throwing spare change and ice cream my way.
My brother and two cousins and I spent many a summer’s weekend staying the night with them. Adventures at the farm were a sure thing, and so (at least for my cousin Jennifer and I) was a trip to North Town Mall.
Oh how I MISS North Town Mall, with its vacant storefronts and outdated decor.
And Dollar Store. And old school Wal-Mart.
At our youngest, we’d get $1.06 from Grandma to spend as we pleased. (a dollar, with tax included, of course.) I have a lot of ambiguous montage-y memories of roaming the toy aisle. and school supplies. nail polish. magazines. bubbletape.
Such good things.

So. All that sickening nostalgia is a little bit why, when faced with the “big bad corporation” business of Wal-Mart, I just can’t bring myself to hate the place.

And now, I’m happy to say, Wal-Mart is showing some good reasons to be not-hated. There’s a brand new supercenter where the North Town Mall used to be. A couple of months ago the renovations were complete, and I roamed the grocery section for the first time. I was impressed.
Look at you, with your new logo.
And your bright, colorful displays.
And your wide dance-number-worthy aisles.
And your LED lighting in the frozen section.
And your going-green.
Wal-mart, how you’ve changed! and how i love it!
Now I know a lot of corporations are “going green” because it’s the big, marketable trend. But it’s a trend with pleasant side-effects, so why not praise it.

And the thing is, at the time I wasn’t just excited about Wal-Mart, I was excited about me. (and here’s where it gets REALLY cheesy. so. consider yourself warned.)
I thought, if Wal-Mart can reinvent itself (changing things as iconic as its logo), then so can I!
(That’s right. I was inspired by a big, bad corporation to change my life.)
(Blogs are places to confess dorky ideas like this. So there it is.)
Thanks, Wal-Mart.

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  1. 14 May 2009 8:14 am

    Since I am an evil accounting major who is constantly indoctrinated with the ways of corporate America – I have to say that Wal-Mart has never been evil in my book. I think of them more as dark geniuses.

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