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16 May 2009

Well I missed a day. Please don’t quit on me now. Got halfway through May, and have been doing long posts, so I needed a short break. Think of it as halftime. Cheerleaders are dancing to jock jams for you right now.
By the time i got home last night, it was already pretty much today, (this, like most of my friday nights: wild and crazy) and my wireless was acting the fool. so no luck.

But here we are, back on the ol’ horse. And today I want to dedicate the post to a very important issue, which affects us all.

And, while it might be equally relevant, i do not mean the delicious canned meat.
I’m talkin’ bout spam e-mails. Gmail does a great job of blocking most of them (unlike hotmail, which might as well be a bachelor’s pantry it has so much spam in it. zing!)
Still, choice ones get sent to quarantine, and I’m sharing a few with you.

for some people watch is only a time indicator but for you it can be a piece of jewelry.

if your wrist could talk, it would tell you it wants a watch.

Answer or get diarrhea.

Does anyone ever open these for any reason other than to mock them?

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  1. 16 May 2009 2:01 pm

    you posted twice in one day though, remember? so you totally are still on track. What, what?

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