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“Tickle is all that remains.”

17 May 2009

Oye. I’m having that post-slumber-party-feeling. A combination of drowsy, nauseous, giddy, and junk-food-hungover.
A good weekend.

And we’re not just talking friends-staying-out-late-and-not-going-home. This was an actual capital-S Sleep-over, complete with fast food, late night walgreen’s candy runs, talkin’ about boys, and an emo dance party. Oh, and a Snuggie.
(such a good weekend!)

I woke up this morning at 6:30 on the dot, from that kind of deep sleep that you only get when truly exhausted. Such yummy, deep, disorienting sleep, when waking up feels like surfacing out of a warm pool. I snapped awake, unsure why I was on the floor, in a house that wasn’t my own. I love those few seconds of freak out.

Then I remembered. I’d wiped out somewhere after the junk food and before the movie was over. What movie, you ask? Get ready…

My shirt is shouting into the abyss.

My shirt is shouting into an infinite abyss.

Garden State.
Oh, how much my tastes have changed since 2005. I thought this movie was soooo awesome. (and the soundtrack. it still is.) I can’t tell you how many times I quoted this thing, impersonating Natalie Portman’s quirkiness, junior year at Drury. Watching it a few years removed, I realize how odd-for-the-sake-of-oddity much of it is. I still have a place in my heart for it, but honestly this film feels like Zach Braff’s final project from Indie Film 101.

Slightly related, and also on my mind at 6:30 this morning…
Re: my recent graduation entry, someone whom I’ve managed to make mad at me times untold since we met, snidely asked me how much i’ve really changed since high school…ouch, right?…and i have to say, though i might keep making some of the same mistakes, i’m definitely beyond where i was, in that i’m figuring out what i like (what i think. what i want.) and being able to articulate why I like (or think. or want. or don’t want.) those things.

After this weekend I’ve clarified some facts:
Love me some sour patch kids.
Junior Year Me thought she was soooooo smart and cool. Gross.
Springfield needs a better hip hop radio station.
I really really really like sleeping.

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  1. 17 May 2009 3:49 pm


    so much fun. let’s have the Houghtons go out of town more often!

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