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Headlines don’t sell papes.

20 May 2009

Things that are true:

1) Mr. Kenny Ortega knows how to make a high school musical. (See: Newsies. And, well, High School Musical.)
2) Childhood movie obsessions are not universal.
3) I am STILL listening to Don’t Stop Believin’ on loop. (As is most of America, it seems. have you SEEN the iTunes top downloads list?!?) GLEE!!

Annie for boys.

Annie for boys.

Watched NEWSIES last night, with a group of folks who were mostly capital-O obsessed. (I mean, we’re talking pop-up-video level trivia. We’re talking sing-a-longs. Wow.)
I have only seen this movie one other time, when I was a junior in college, so I don’t share any warm childhood memories for it. (Which is shocking, actually, since I wanted to BE Annie Warbucks when I was wee. Literally. Owned a red dress we called my “Annie dress,” and patent leather maryjanes.)

And boy do warm childhood memories make a difference.
I remember a time when I was angry that someone didn’t like Pee Wee’s Big Adventure. (hullo. classic american cinema, people!) But now I get it, a little. Childhood movie obsession is relative.
Except don’t get me started on Pee Wee. It’s hilarious. It’s iconic. Everyone should love it too.
Memories, and the compounded experience of having watched something over and over with friends, make a big difference.

I recently watched Gremlins, for example, for the FIRST TIME. (Much too scary for mom to allow me to watch as a kid…) And the experience of watching it (giggling at the hokiness, etc.) made watching it more enjoyable than even the movie itself.
…does any of this make sense?

Whatever. Bottom line: Newsies is precious, but I’m not love-it-why-don’t-you-marry-it over it.
Sorry, Christian Bale.
It’s not your fault. Don’t yell at me. Just do some more spin moves. That’s what mommy likes.

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  1. 21 May 2009 10:49 am

    You don’t have to be ashamed of your love for NEWSIES! Sarah. It is completely natural. This is a safe environment. You will never hear about people being verbally berated over the internet because they have an opinion.

    Admit it. There is nothing better than 17 year old Christian Bale dancing and singing.

  2. 2 June 2009 10:53 pm

    Ok – I had to google GLEE. I’m so out of it!

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