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142 Days: Nike Debut Marathoner E-Newsletter: Issue 1

21 May 2009

Let the learning begin!



I don’t think I can quite describe to you the schmaltz in my heart in this very moment. I’m waiting on my car to get repaired before my roadtrip to Indianapolis this weekend—friends! Indy500 parade and race! yay!!!—and I’ve got GLEE still looping in my earbuds. Dude. The song is about to crest my Top 25 Most Played playlist, and I’ve only had it for two days. The obsession level is ridiculous.
And speaking of ridiculous obsession levels… Kris won American Idol.
Something about listening to this song, fresh off a high of underdog stories and inspirational tv, ready to embark on a roadtrip, feeling better than i have in months, reading my FIRST first marathon newsletter… THISCLOSE to crying in the tire waiting area. But don’t want to freak out the car dudes.

Life be good.
Helpful tips:

Step 1 is to embark on a training program that starts with mileage similar to your current running program. In doing so, you’ll gradually increase your mileage and your body will respond successfully.

Step 2 is to break down the overwhelming goal of running 26.2 miles into smaller, more digestible pieces. You can do this by setting mini goals along the way and rewarding yourself as you achieve them. For example, schedule a massage after you run your first 10-miler, or treat yourself to that new tech top when you reach 14 miles. Focus on three- to four-week training segments and soon you’ll be saying, “I only have to run 8 miles today.”


Technical Apparel and Bodyglide: Rule No. 2: Anything that can chafe will chafe when you combine moisture and friction.

Oye. I don’t want to “lube my high chafing areas with bodyglide” for any reason.
This does not sound like something good girls do…

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  1. Alex Miller permalink
    27 May 2009 7:49 pm

    Your blog makes me laugh out loud in a ridiculous way. :)

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