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27 May 2009

Do you ever get so happy that you’re convinced something is about to go wrong?
(No? only pessimists and crazy people do such things, you say?) Well I am neither pessimistic or crazy (i hope), but i am having a so far fabulous spring.

Springtime is always a happy break from the gloom of winter. The last two years I remember distinct days when I knew spring had arrived, the day we got back from ASB (alternative spring break. someone let me be in charge of students in big cities. talk about crazy people.)
We’d been working / sightseeing / bonding / sleeping on the floor for a week, the first time in windy Chicago and the second in snowy Minneapolis, and then we’d return home to Springtown, thoroughly funned-out, to discover the grass had turned green.

It was spring.

That kind of green-grass, everything’s-alive-in-me feeling has been working its way to the surface lately. For a number of good reasons, things are pretty good.

I know I’m supposed to complain in a blog, right? People tire of happiness. Hallmark cards. Kittens.

I know I also need to rock your face with stories of Indianapolis. And my great friends. And their great friends. And salsa dancing. And chicken & waffles. And the Indy 500. And seeing A.C. Slater (no, seriously). That’s why I lost a good 3 days of blogging. But totally worth it.
I will post about it. maybe later today.

But for now: happy.

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