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True Things Thursday

28 May 2009

That’s right, another blog gimmick! Inspired by Twitter, where daily assignments like #friendshipfriday and #mommymonday circulate. We’ll see how long this one lasts, but I kinda like it.

So. True things. *ahem*:

1) Just-mowed grass is one of the best ever smells.

2) Kris Allen’s cover of Heartless is chocolate cake for your ears. Check it out here. (youtube versions are kinda wonky…but i like this live one even better than the itunes download.)

3) 135 days until Big Race. Nuts! Ran 35 minutes tonight. Not bad, considering I’ve had about a week off (new job; rainy days; social life; gone all weekend; but i walked a lot this weekend…), but excuses or no, I need to step it up. The marathon will go on rain or shine…so i need to practice rain or shine. I need to get up earlier. I need to prioritize.

4) I miss The Office nights. Have not gushed enough over the Jim/Pam/preggers situation. LOVE it.

5) I just finished The Glass Castle. Will probably devote a whole post to it soon. A master class in memoir, y’all.

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  1. 28 May 2009 6:48 pm

    I didn’t like Glass Castle. We should talk about it sometime.

    I also don’t like the smell of cut grass.

    I do, however, like you. When I get back in town we should do something splendid.

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