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1 June 2009

Caught some NPR news updates in my car this afternoon, and what did I find out?
anti-abortion activist shoots abortion doctor
a 228-passenger airplane is missing
GM files for bankruptcy

The world has a big case of the Mondays, y’all.

It’s hard to even know how to respond to all of that. The world is big and bad things happen all the time, and sometimes I just have to shut off the empathy/worry switch in my brain, or else I’d never get out of bed. There’s so much to fret about out there.
But thank God, thank goodness, thank the power of positive thinking, thank whatever, there are also good things out there, too. Lots to be grateful for.

Here’s one.

Today is my brother’s 31st birthday. That kind of number is hard for me to digest, especially because it means my 26th is not far away. These are big-people numbers. We are, as i’ve taken to calling it the last few years, havin’ babies old.



And what can i even say about my brother without becoming a big schmaltzy mess…it’s true i think i’ve been pretty lucky. we’re alike in a lot of ways, and different in enough that we have our own lives, while we share one very important characteristic: our parents. No one else can really know what we know about what it’s like to be each other. No disrespect, only-child friends…I’m sure you have perks…like all the attention and not sharing toys and stuff.

Seriously, though. When I look at my life, I know for a fact that I would be a much different person if I’d never had a brother.
I’d be an even bigger dork than I am now (imagine that), who chews with her mouth open, wears mismatched socks, and takes herself way too seriously.
I owe, to a large degree, my taste in movies, music, and TV to having a brother.
My first Big Lebowski. Wayne’s World. Monty Python.
My first Miles Davis. Nirvana. CCR.
My first rebellion: watching The Simpsons when mom and dad weren’t home…

Brothers. They’re good for you. And it’s nice to face adulthood knowing I have one.

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  1. 2 June 2009 10:17 am

    I’m looking at a picture of me and my siblings on my wall right now of when we were all pre-puberty. I definitely would have been different if I hadn’t had them in my life.

    SJ. Let’s do something awesome.

  2. arthi permalink
    2 June 2009 8:55 pm


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