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125 Days : 60 Minutes

7 June 2009

That’s right. Ran for an hour. No bigs. I’m just a stud.

Exciting. Next weekend I’m running the Gibson Guitar 5k in Memphis with bff and fellow runner Jennie. We’ve never done a race together, and I’ve never done a nighttime race, plus this one’s on Beale Street, followed by a BBQ dinner with the parents. Does it get much better?

Training for an October marathon is different from training for a December half marathon in one important way (besides the obvious doubling of distance) :

Lesson learned today:
I need to take sunscreen along on any future mid-day runs. I got racerback tan lines, y’all!!

things i need to buy that i never thought i would:

    –running sunglasses
    –a belt to hold energy gels and a water bottle for long runs (apparently called “fuel belt” or “hydration belt”. more lessons learned!)
no, really. serious runners wear these.

no, really. serious runners wear these.

Having a brand new ipod playlist is amazing for sustaining a longer run. i remember podcasts have the same effect. they distract my mind enough to let my legs just do the work. today was relatively easy, even with the heat and float trip fatigue (and monster float trip bruises. lewis and clark i ain’t).

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  1. 8 June 2009 6:13 pm

    here to hoping that some of my fabulous additions to your musical collection made it onto your playlist.

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