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8 June 2009

i have been fascinated with the relationship between words and images for a long time. in college i did a paper on adapted movies (About A Boy, About Schmidt, Adaptation from The Orchid Thief, The Hours were big favorites of that year), and ended up discovering some interesting things along the way. (a great side-effect of developing an idea is finding all the ideas you didn’t know you had.)
I had some trouble finding the paper in my old documents, because apparently i didn’t understand the value of clear labeling circa 2005. I’d saved it as “Bring it don’t sing it”. ha. little pep-talk for myself.
The actual title was:
Adaptation Study Adapts to Adaptations in Adaptation Practice
…because i was that clever. reading it again makes me feel old. I wrote this FOUR YEARS AGO. It also makes me feel smart. 21-year-old me wasn’t so bad at this writing-10-page-papers thing. check it:

It is not enough to simply say that books deal with the verbal and movies with the visual. That oversimplifies the fact that film is a medium of both sight and sound, and the act of reading is as much about creating mental images as it is about reading words.

My post-graduate ego is a little afraid i can’t write a scholarly paper like that anymore. I’m a little rusty. But reading this one makes me itch to do it again…

Wordle: Obama Speech

here’s a little nugget to get you thinking. if you’ve never been to, check it out. you can make a visual representation of any block of text, either pasted or linked from a url. an article, a blog, a paragraph from a book, whatever. This one is from President Obama’s speech in Cairo. (man it feels good to type “President Obama”.) It’s just a little guy, but click to go to the site. It’s pretty cool. Funny, “applause” shows up as HUGE because I’m sure in the transcript there are many pauses for applause…awesome.

It feels good to think, y’all. Know what else it feels good to do? Run. Gonna do that now. Life be good.

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