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True Things Thursday: leftovers edition

19 June 2009

True Things are even more true the next morning when you pop them in the microwave, right?
and as a special bonus, i’m giving you more than 5!! whatwhat!

1) group board game nights are tons of fun, up until the point they aren’t anymore. I love the moment when you realize everyone’s still in the trivial pursuit game not for the enjoyment, but as an endurance race. Somebody’s got to win this thing, dammit. And we’re not quitting until they do!

2) country songs. There is nothing more annoying than a country song.
Example: red, white, and pink slip blues.
There is also nothing more catchy than a country song.
Example: THEN WHAT. For one thing, the sing-until-you’re-out-of-breathness. Rhymes and wordplay bambambam! For another thing, PLEASE click the link and watch this video. It’s hilarious. Also, I saw Clay Walker at the Ozark Empire Fair in high school. (yes. I did that.)

3) in preparation for the big race, I’m considering giving up fried food…in an attempt to eat more consciously, healthfully, and naturally.
the other day I had an oreo, and really stopped to think about it while I ate it (big mistake.) I LOVE me some oreos. Especially some seasonally colored frosting doublestuff oreos (a dessert marketer’s dream, I love a novelty treat. Little Debbie tree cakes. Starburst jelly beans at Easter. Summer blue-frosting oreos). But as I ate it, I stopped to question, do I really even LIKE this? What does it really taste like? The answer…not GOOD, not really. I’ve had good food. Strawberries fresh from my grandparents garden. Gelato on the streets of Rome. Pizza in Chicago. Sushi. From pretty much anywhere. But oreos. Are blue goo between some crunchy black discs.
What is edible about that?
I’m not going to stop eating junk food. I can’t even imagine trying. A life without andy’s frozen custard or the occasional frosted sprinkle krispy kreme is not worth living.
But I can do better. I can say no to fries. And oreos. Most of the time.

4) The stuff they say about your pain being there to teach you lessons, and someday you’ll look back and understand, while not entirely silver-liningedly perfect and true, isn’t entirely false.

5) I am a Safari tab hoarder. I keep so many tabs and windows open at once, it’s obscene. “ooh this is interesting. ooh that looks cool. i should come back and read it later…” i think to myself, until i have 20 webpages open at once and safari is snails-pace slow. i need help.

6) Definitely, Maybe is so much better than the trailer made me think it would be! A chick flick that didn’t make me want to vomit! So many new ones are just a’ight. (i hold C.F.s to a very high standard. When Harry Met Sally. Sleepless In Seattle. Notting Hill. So yeah, 27 Dresses just can’t compete.) But this one has an interesting and unusual story. It kept me guessing. It made me mad (in a good way) at points. Ryan Reynolds is a delight (and a marathon runner. i now love him.) If Pixar movies have taught me anything, it’s that you can’t always judge a film by its trailer. Happy to say in this case that truism is very very true.

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  1. Amanda permalink
    19 June 2009 10:52 am

    True thing: I miss once-a-day in May…. Once-a-week in June is just not cutting it for me.

    Yes, I am complaining as if your sole purpose in writing a blog is to provide me with a few minutes of daily entertainment. I know that’s not true. But it should be. :)

  2. 19 June 2009 2:06 pm

    Oh Clay Walker. I love his nerdy white man dancing.

    Welcome to the world of healthier eating times! Before you know it you are going to waste away to nothing and start looking like me during tax season. Ha.

    I have some more thoughts on He’s Just Not That Into You. I will share them sometime.

  3. jennie permalink
    19 June 2009 11:44 pm

    i love “Definitely, Maybe”. and Ryan Reynolds. so does sean. we already have a date to see “The Proposal” when he comes home!! yay!!

  4. hkb permalink
    22 June 2009 8:38 pm

    1) Love me some country music.

    2)Way too much head bobbin’ in that red/white/pink slip song. And, really, can’t the back up musicians dress for the 2000’s? Or are they trying to impersonate an 80’s hair band?

    3) Then What? Come on!! lighten up, country hizzater! its cute, its catchy, its timeless!! Epic, even.

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