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Red White and True Things Thursday

2 July 2009

1) When I was little, I remember approaching 4th of July with the same excitement as Christmas.  I know it had a lot to do with having a July 5th birthday…but it also had a lot to do with some things i love a whole lot: Family. Food. Fireworks.

2) I love how life continually surprises me with new things to geek out over. This week alone: orange Pineapple Whip (for a limited time!), My Booky Wook (see entry below), Iconoclasts on Sundance channel (Maya Angelou and Dave Chappelle talking about writing. Get OUT!).

“Love is a condition so powerful, it may be what holds the stars in the fermament. It may be what pushes and urges the blood in the veins. It takes courage to love someone.” ~M.A.

oye. such good stuff.

3) I love little local restaurants. Yesterday went to Pappy’s in north Springfield, and kind of can’t believe I hadn’t discovered it until now. It’s in Drury’s neighborhood, and so full of personality and history. (Springfield’s oldest liquor license dates to prohibition days.) And man do i love a good homemade burger and tenderloin sammich. (Brandon and I split. Delish.) I’m craving again as we speak. It’s the kind of place with yellowed newspaper clippings on the walls, dusty bottles on the shelves, old souls at the bar.
If you live in S-town, you MUST check it out. No website, go fig, but address: 943 N. Main Ave.

4) I love being a pet owner. I don’t think I mention this enough. Mock my cat-lady-ness if you must, but I can’t really imagine life without my cat now. Jenksie and I have been together since October 07, and we make a good team. I’m not an obsessive photo-sweatshirt wearing cat-owner (if that’s your thing, much love), but I do enact a “cat voice” and refer to myself as mommy…sometimes…

5) It has come to my attention that some MSA folks may be visiting the blog for the first time. I have just one thing to say to you…

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