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True Things Thursday

9 July 2009

1) Sleepless In Seattle is one of the best movies ever made hands-down ever.

2) Wearing big-girl pants to work is still a special feeling. I’m sure I’ll grow out of this eventually. Maybe.

3) School supplies are already out at wal-mart. Though this no longer affects me, it bothers me. I love crayons and notebooks and brand new pens, but c’mon…it’s JULY. let the kids enjoy sweet denial for a few more weeks.

4) Summer tastes like a Sonic Cherry Limeade. and that crunchy ice.

5) If I’m ever in a sad mood for a few days, there’s nothing like the feeling of the first time I really laugh. Thanks to mom at Target, I don’t even remember why, that feeling was back.

6) Helping throw a baby shower for my wonderful cousin and husband and future baby.  Something about throwing a party for someone else gets me jazzed up, Martha Stewart style.  (When Martha Stewart is jazzed there must be doilies and handmade lanterns and fancy lettuce nearby. I just know it.)

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  1. John permalink
    13 July 2009 2:54 pm

    And you ROCK those big girl pants!

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