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89 Days

13 July 2009

89 Days. That’s a horrifying number. My motivation isn’t as high as I’d like right now. I keep thinking about the ultimate feeling of accomplishment. and IKEA. that keeps me going.

But seriously, though the day gets closer and closer, it still seems unreal. Running a marathon. I’m doing that. I think I need (and this is not merely an excuse to shop, I swear) some new gear. New shoes. and a water belt. and better earphones.
I just feel more like a real runner when I have good running stuff. I remember my first expensive sports bra. It changed my life.

Tonight’s run included one of the nerdier moments of my life (and that, as you know, is quite a distinction). Running past a church sign on National, I noticed a typo. Not exactly a typo, but just a backwards “z”. (Who doesn’t notice that sort of thing and fix it right away?!) I jogged closer, and saw it’s just the kind of letters that pop in and out, without any sort of key required, so…
I fixed it.
I fixed a church sign without reason or permission.
and felt REALLY happy afterwards. yup.

So a couple of big milestones passed this weekend.
First, July 11 was the 3-month mark on the ol’ marathon countdown.
Second, July 12 was Grandma Ilene’s 87th birthday. She’s my last remaining grandparent, and not doing well in the late stages of Alzheimer’s. I figure this is as good a time as any to launch my sponsorship page for the marathon. (Who knows, maybe donations will give me some much-needed training motivation.)
I’m raising money for the Alzheimer’s Association, through team CARE, and you (yes you!) can help me reach my goal. It’s easy. Go to this page, enter my name, sign up and donate online.

I’ve got 3 months left to raise $1000 and get myself into marathon shape.

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