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True Things Thursday

16 July 2009

1) Heard NPR blip about Al Franken at Sotomayor hearings, cracking wise and bein’ smart.  Can’t help but giggle that Stuart Smalley is in the senate. Wonder if he’ll ask her if she’s good enough…smart enough…

hug it out.

hug it out.

2) Music I’m way into right now: surprisingly cool covers of pop songs:
check out Coldplay’s Clocks by Rhythms del Mundo Cuba (and start dancing…now.)
and Hey Ya by Booker T.  (as in Booker T. and the MGs, Memphis blues legends)

3) went to a The Network function at Noble this morning (with reader Amanda. holler!) and got totally inspired. Geeked out thinking about information and culture and the internet and connection. quotes:

If you want to have an impact in life, you have to make a commitment to change.
Sleep less, read more.
The best way to predict the future is to create it.

DAAAAAANG i’d love to work there!

4) I want to fill my wardrobe with timeless clothes. I’m not uber-uber-trendy (though i do love to browse Forever 21), still much of what i buy works for a season or two before it looks “so last year”. And that’s okay, not everything is meant to last forever, but I have this one blazer that I have owned since high school (yeesh. but true.) and it’s not worn out yet so I keep wearing it, and it looks like i bought it last week. And I always feel good in it.

5) Slap a glossy cover on me and call me a CVB brochure if you must, but Lake Springfield is gorgeous. So green and great i feel like i’m not in Springfield anymore. Will definitely start running on those trails for future long runs (btw, 20 miler will be September 20. mark your calendars.)
how have i missed this place all these years?? (will admit i made out there a few times in high school. yowza. glad that’s one thing I HAVE grown out of.)

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  1. Amanda permalink
    16 July 2009 3:22 pm

    Aaron just asked if I want to go for a picnic and canoeing at Lake Springfield this weekend! Wahoo!

  2. Amanda permalink
    17 July 2009 10:22 am

    P.S. The banana trick was a headline video on Yahoo yesterday – about 4 hours after we were at Noble. Those guys are so ahead of the rest of the world!

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