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home run

29 July 2009

At home for the night and jumping back on the blog bandwagon. Miss me?

This morning I got up early and went walking with my mom. easily ran two track miles. (thinking, just 12 more of those puppies and i’m done!) I say that to mom, and she responds: are you SURE you have to do this?? I roll my eyes…and try not to think about the answer…and change the subject to how excited we are about Chicago.

I’m used to measuring my practice runs in minutes, not miles. I’m also used to running on sidewalks, but track running isn’t so bad. The monotony is kind of soothing, and will help on my timed speed intervals. (what is this vocabulary i am using?)

There’s something nice about my high school track, next to a pond with farmland on two sides. the breeze, the sound of bugs. The “oh yeah, I’m not in high school anymore thank jesus” feelings. I mean, I actually enjoy hanging out with my parents now (most of the time). Adolescent angst is soooo ten years ago.

Being home is a nice little break in my life. I don’t do it all that often, but when I do i’m guaranteed free laundry and food. (last night was BLTs and corn on the cob. good lawd!)

My parents have grown into this quirky little sitcom couple. Like the archetypal grandparents (without the grandchildren). A couple of scenes to flesh out my point:
mom: [dancing around with new used book store find]
dad: what, didja check that out? [as in, at the library. gaffaw gaffaw]
mom: No! i bought it! Nine dollars!!
dad: welp, the recession’s over. [gaffaw]

Then at dinner dad’s relating an anecdote from a recent drive to work, where he saw two ducks and a chicken on the side of the road “having a good time. almost like they were having a party. just workin’ the territory.” It’s a very Prairie Home Companion moment we’re having. “I find humor where I find it,” he says. And i realize…that’s where i get it from.

My unprovoked enthusiasm for just about everything I find genuinely exciting.
My tendency to draw inspiration from the mundane. 


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  1. Amanda permalink
    29 July 2009 4:55 pm

    Kind of makes me wonder what personality traits I so obviously received from my parents. Aaron’s is obvious – his awful jokes come from his mom. Example: Aaron walks upstairs while brushing his teeth with an electric toothbrush. Aaron’s mom: Do you have a bumblebee in your mouth?

    Har har har.

  2. Amanda permalink
    29 July 2009 4:55 pm

    P.S. SOOOOO glad to finally see a new post from you! :)

  3. c-love permalink
    29 July 2009 10:02 pm

    i love your parents. when do i get to go to branson with you and your mom? i might have a love interest in harrison…which happens to be branson’s neighbor. no more details until i see the gun pics. please?

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