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True Things Thursday Strikes Back

20 August 2009

1) Last night I ran 10 miles. It felt really good. Don’t remind that 10 miles is only 38% of a marathon.

2) I am staying late at work, and as a result am typing on a brand new MacBook Pro, looking at a brand new LED cinema display. It’s just silly.

3) Trader Joe’s WASABI WOW trail mix is a gift from heaven. You’ve got your almonds. your dried fruits. your wasabi peas. Perfection.
If you live near a TJ’s, and want to make me love you, mail me a bag.

4) Going through some old CDs in my car, I stumbled upon Songs About Jane. It had been a while for sure, and let me tell you, Maroon 5 really had something there.

5) 99.9 fm: The Music of Your Life is a delight. Standards-y, Cole Porter-y goodness on your radio.

6) Dear people who designed vibrating mascara: you’re not fooling anybody.

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