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40 days and 40 nights

1 September 2009

Yesterday marked the 40 day countdown to Chicago Marathon 2009.

It’s biblical, no?

Noah. Israel wandering the wilderness. Jesus fasting in the desert.
Bottom line: when God had some stuff to get done, he did it in 40 days.

Well I have some stuff to get done of my own. And I’m pumped.
I hit up Ridge Runner Sports for a sampling of energy gels, energy beans (yup!) and bloks. All carb-packed (potentially icky) fuel to consume during long runs, and come up with the best cocktail to use on race day.
It’s a science experiment of sorts. I like it.
I also bought some $10 socks that are supposed to prevent blisters and wick away sweat.

Tell ya what, I always feel like more of an athlete when I have sweet new running swag.

I told my parents about this 40-day milestone, and mom goes, “well, I guess the race is on!”
(yes, mom. it’s too late to turn back now.) “Well, run like the wind!”
I will. I will.

Here’s an exciting feature: the official marathon website has a preview video of the entire course. Even in sped-up virtual tour mode it takes a while…

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  1. Amanda permalink
    2 September 2009 9:50 am

    You’re crazy. And you rock my world. Looks like you get to run through many different types of neighborhoods!

  2. ryan pigg permalink
    10 September 2009 2:36 pm

    I recommend you check out smartwool socks. I literally rank them as one of the most life changing discoveries I’ve ever had. They are like stitched pieces of heaven on your feet.

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