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True Things Thursday was SOOO yesterday…

4 September 2009

1) I love NPR with increasing fervor. More and more driveway moments. More and more notes scrawled on napkins in my car.

2) I LOVE being in History of Film Class! Best bud classmate, hilarious and smart prof., neato film history, Charlie Chaplin this week (brilliant!), homework. Yes. I like homework.

3) The corporate coupon machine has lost a victim…I had a $25 off $50 purchase NY&Co coupon, but I walked out of the store with nothin’…because I didn’t see anything I really needed.
And you know what? It felt GOOD.

4) Ocean Zen s’mores is an ideal desert. Delicious AND Fun.

5)  Desire this book (70s golden age of LA standup. heard on, you guessed it, NPR):

yes, please!

yes, please!

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