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True Things Thursday was SOOO yesterday…

4 September 2009

1) I love NPR with increasing fervor. More and more driveway moments. More and more notes scrawled on napkins in my car.

2) I LOVE being in History of Film Class! Best bud classmate, hilarious and smart prof., neato film history, Charlie Chaplin this week (brilliant!), homework. Yes. I like homework.

3) The corporate coupon machine has lost a victim…I had a $25 off $50 purchase NY&Co coupon, but I walked out of the store with nothin’…because I didn’t see anything I really needed.
And you know what? It felt GOOD.

4) Ocean Zen s’mores is an ideal desert. Delicious AND Fun.

5) ย Desire this book (70s golden age of LA standup. heard on, you guessed it, NPR):

yes, please!

yes, please!

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