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quite the week, folks. quite the week.

16 October 2009

Think of this as True Things Thursday, week-in-review edition. Sorta wish every week could be this action-packed. Then again, I’d never afford the gas.

Obviously much of last week requires its own entry, longer with more anecdotes and photos and such. For now, this is all you get. I’m at work after 5:00 and Ima make this quick.

Sunday: Ran the Chicago Marathon. saw Second City.

Monday: Bought an iPod touch; ate Giordano’s.

Tuesday: Saw David Sedaris do a reading in Arkansas, during Q&A I asked about his writing habits, and he answered by reading from his pocket journal (!) “nothing quite seems real to me unless I write it down”, waited for hours for a signed book. Laughed out loud more than at all Judd Apatow movies combined.
First pumpkin pie Andy’s of the season.

Wednesday: Ate Addison’s, Shakespeare’s and Sparky’s during mid-week field trip to fetch my car from Columbia.

Thursday: Inspired by Sister Helen Prejean (Dead Man Walking) during convocation, signed book #2 of the week. she quoted Faulkner, “The only thing worth writing about is the human heart in conflict with itself.”
Season premiere of 30 Rock. I heart Tina Fey. Watch her Letterman appearance on YouTube. It doesn’t get much better.

Friday: Supported KSMU, felt grown-up and stuff pledging to public radio…and if that doesn’t make me feel old, my boyfriend’s 10-year reunion is tonight.

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