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no shame november

1 November 2009

Good Lord a new month’s upon us already! Hard to believe Once A Day in May was six months ago. Maybe I need another little gimmick to get me writing regularly again…
So many bearded ones choose to celebrate “No Shave November,” so I’ve come up with a rhyming near-homonym homage: No Shame November, as in:

she’s got no shame: one has no susceptibility to guilt, shortcoming, or impropriety
what a shame: declaring a “tsk” at something to be regretted

Inspired a bit by last week’s Community (ps– that show is getting so much better. Premiere week I was skeptical, and not raving nearly as much as some folks I know. but lemmetellya Halloween episode was a delight—A delight with a nugget of wisdom, one of my favorite TV phenomena.)

If life is just a series of ridiculous attempts to be alive, you are a hero to everything that’s ever lived. ~Guy from The Soup to Chevy Chase

That’s the spirit of No Shame November. Finding as many ways, even on mundaner days, to facilitate ridiculous attempts to be alive.

On post-daylight savings fall evenings it can be far too easy for me to get gloomy. Get sleepy. Get nothing done. That’s probably true of most anyone, but I in particular become a little hibernating bear come wintertime. The cold draft wind that sneaks under my door frame is evidence that depression might be setting up a sleeping bag outside my door. After that there’s only a matter of time until it wants to come in.
I’m trying to exercise my choice in the matter. Claiming that I can overcome how I feel.

So I’ll write. Because I (like David Sedaris…and I know this because, well, he told me) feel that “nothing quite seems real to me unless I write it down.” Hoping to write my way toward waking up like Meryl Streep’s Julia Child, springing out of bed with a 5:30 alarm ready for cooking class.
Hoping to write my way toward Bobby Darin singing “It’s Today” from Mame: Though it may not be anyone’s birthday, And though it’s far from the first of the year, I know that this very minute has history in it, we’re here!

That’s right. I strive to be a lyric from a musical. No Shame November, folks. no shame.

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  1. hkbryson permalink
    3 November 2009 10:22 am

    I know a way to beat away the winter blues: Run over them with your car on your way to TULSA!!!! It’s the perfect plan– I even have some creative projects* you could be a part of. We could shop, dine, game, cobbitz (sp? Its a grandma term, pretty sure it simply means critique), giggle, WHATEVER WE WANT! Lets pick a weekend and stick to it.

    Or, of course, I COULD be persuaded to come to Springfield, as long as a Old Tyme Christmas SDC trip could be included.


    *Fine Print: Creative projects at this time really only include repairing and painting walls in dining room. I still haven’t scrap booked “we are crusin'” OR my wedding.

  2. Amanda permalink
    3 November 2009 10:40 am

    Welcome back. I love you!

  3. Amanda permalink
    3 November 2009 4:01 pm

    Please include me in SDC trip. I have a season pass and have only been twice this year!

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