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19 November 2009

Well, it’s been 39 days…high time I wrote about the ol’ marathon, huh?

I’ve finally gotten around to ordering the official marathon photos (and paying out the wazoo for them…), which I will post once they’re here and I scan them…digital copies were $59.00 (that’s right, fifty-nine. like I said, got me by the balls, that…).

And I did a little early Christmas shopping for myself on, where some Chicago Marathon 09 Finisher swag remains.
(reminds me: mom asked me last weekend what I mean by “swag” when I’m talking about stuff…”well,” I said, “you know…stuff. Swag means stuff. Like goodies. Free stuff.” But I’m not sure whether that’s true…an informal search of online dictionaries found that Merriam-Webster disagrees, whereas and a few others confirm, that “free shit” can be “swag” as well.)

Anyway, over a month after the fact, I’m still a little dazed about it all, as you might guess by my procrastinatory writing and photo-ordering. Life (like it does) has gone on. One can’t wear her medal to work EVERY day, after all. (Better believe I did wear it the day I came back.)

The whole weekend in Chicago was a delight. Mom and Dad loved it. Brandon was a patient tour guide. I had my deep dish Giordano’s and saw Second City (the drunken 50th birthday revelers were big fans of me, and the performers even called us runners out as “crazy people” during the show. Delightful.) Ooh! Plus the red-headed chick in the new Sonic commercials? TOTALLY at our show. I liked her. Amy Poehler-esque.

The race itself: pretty amazing. Really. It’s impossible to describe the feeling of those 5 hours and 56 minutes. Delight. Disbelief. Relief. “This isn’t so bad!” Thirsty. Cold. GottaPeeGottaPeeGottaPee. Excited. Hilarious. Summer Camp Warm Fuzzies with Strangers. Tired. Blistery. Worried. Relieved. Delighted again. “I’m going to finish? Holy Shit! I’m going to finish!” Done. Smiling. Smiling. Smiling.

When I finally got to bed that night, I just kept thinking to myself: I’ve done this now. This is now something I’ve done. I couldn’t help thinking about our guide in India who told us, “there are two kinds of people in the world: those who have seen the Taj, and those who have not seen the Taj,” and knowing I’m am now one of the kinds of people who has finished a marathon. (I read somewhere it’s less than 1% of the U.S.)

One of the best parts of running a big race like this are the crowds who line the course offering encouragement (and in later miles, bless their souls, snacks!), so in honor of that awesomeness, which you really can’t know unless you’ve run one, I’m going to share some of my favorite posters along the way:

    “Chuck Norris never ran the Chicago Marathon!”
    “You’ve done much worse for much longer.”
    “I ♥ correr” (in hispanic neighborhood…”to run”)
    “Runners have balls. All other athletes just play with them.”
    “Poop if you gotta.”
    something in binary (1000101) that this one dude and i giggled over. nerdiness.

And then there’s the all-male cheerleaders of boys town.
The seeing Sears Tower from north and south.
Charity groups supporting their runners.
Wackos in costume. Running in costume.
All the lovely volunteers handing out water and gatorade (and getting splashed. bless their hearts.)
The port-o-potties. Thank Jesus for port-o-potties. And whoever makes sure they stay stocked with t.p.

And my #1 fans who managed to find me at mile 13 and 22!

Who could’ve imagined in July 2007, when I started this little running blog, that this is where I’d be? I never would have.

…and with this I think I put sjworksitout to rest, at least for now.

Don’t fret, loyal readers! i’m starting a new direction for my blogging life, in fact i’ve already started it. you can continue to follow my e-writings soon. I’ll let you know.

From now on, I’m focusing more on books, articles, movies, etc. and how those things shape my life. I’m a creator and consumer of words after all, so I’m getting serious about writing about that.
You can be sure I might still write a little about running, no doubt after all i’ll read about it, but my focus has changed.

Been there. Done that. For 26.2 miles.
Now it’s time for something new.

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  1. Amanda permalink
    20 November 2009 11:20 am

    My heart stopped for a second when I read you were putting the blog to rest. Thank goodness for the next sentence!


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